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The purpose and objects of North Star Sportsmanís Club

        To promote and encourage laws for the protection of forest, fish, and wildlife in the state of New York and elsewhere.

        To promote and encourage the propagation of fish, and wildlife in the County of Monroe and elsewhere.

        To encourage by legal means the passing of legislation in the aid of the purposes above stated and rational enforcement of the same.

        To promote and encourage better understanding among the members and the general public as to the proper use of hunting and fishing equipment.

        To promote, encourage and educate its members and the general public in the principals of safety in the use of firearms.

        To promote interest in hunting, fishing, shooting, and other lawful outdoor sports.

        To provide shooting matches amongst its own members and members in other similarly constituted organizations for the benefit, enjoyment, instruction, and well being of its members.

        To purchase, lease, and maintain property as incidental to the above purposes, and to sell, lease, mortgage or otherwise dispose of the same.

        To promote, encourage, and provide social and friendly communication among its members.